Emergency and security locksmith services refer to the services provided by locksmiths in emergency situations, such as being locked out of one’s home or car, or in situations where an individual’s security may be compromised, such as a break-in or attempted break-in. These services may include lock repair or replacement, rekeying locks, and installing new security systems. Locksmith Lakewood who provides emergency and security services may also be able to provide advice on how to improve the security of one’s home or business.

Locksmiths offer lockout services by using specialized tools and techniques to open locked doors and safes. They may use lock-picking tools, key cutting machines, and drilling equipment to gain access to a locked space. Some locksmiths may also offer lockout services for cars, using slim jims or other specialized tools to open car doors. Additionally, some locksmiths offer lockout services for safes, using a combination of drilling and manipulation techniques to open the safe. Overall, locksmiths are trained professionals who are able to open locked doors and safes without causing damage to the lock or surrounding area.

A 24/7 locksmith typically offers the following services:

  • Emergency lockout assistance (e.g. unlocking a door when you’ve been locked out of your home or car)
  • Key cutting and duplication (e.g. making a new key for a door or car)
  • Lock repair and replacement (e.g. fixing a broken lock or installing a new one)
  • Rekeying (i.e. changing the internal mechanism of a lock so that a different key can be used)
  • Safe installation and opening
  • Car key programming (e.g. for transponder keys and remote keyless entry systems)
  • Master key systems and high-security locks
  • Keyless entry systems and smart locks installation
  • CCTV and security camera installation
  • Please note that service availability may vary depending on the locksmith company.