Lever Handle Locks From A Locksmith

Silver Spring city is the most crowded city. Its population is more than eighty thousand shown from the data of the latest census report. To provide security to all of them,locksmith silver spring md works day and night. Most of the locksmith in this region work 24*7 a day and 365 days in the year. They are specialists in providing security atan affordable cost. Designs of security equipment vary from place to place. Locksmith in this region mostly prefersa lever handle based locking system. Such equipment is liked by most of the population. Its working is based on two different functionality. In one mechanism,a simple lever handle is used for locking unlocking the door.


Below this lever, a keyholesystem is installed. Keyhole is fitted with a moving cylinder that accepts a mechanical key for sliding the metal slab. This slab is responsible for actual locking unlocking. Both the lever and keyhole are installed on the door by sharing a common metal plate. For temporary unlocking lever handle is sufficient and for permanent locking along with lever key is used